Hello, Laurel. Glad to meet you.

I’m Haeun. If you wanna know who I am, please check out this introduction.

Plus, this is the review that I've mentioned in the previous email.

Now, you can also check out 10 interview questions on the following pages.

1. How would you like to introduce yourself to students in Korea?

2. What was the first website you used?

"It’s healthy to acknowledge today’s web is much different than the web many of us grew up using."

3. What did the early web ecosystem look like?

"So when they ask how to make a website (despite having already “learned”), they are alluding to the technological friction and social pressures that often come along with creating and maintaining a website in 2018."

4. How could the students relieve those social pressures when making a website?(How about 'Fruitful school'?)

5. When do you enjoy making a website the most?(Maybe your favorite HTML tag?)

6. Refreshment Time: Do you wanna try Misugaru?

7. Will the wave of the Web 3.0 help us regain our independence?

"Individuals can steer the web back to its original architecture simply by having a website. I think artists, in particular, could be instrumental in this space—showing the world where the web can go."

8. What are some ways that each artist can act like a guerrilla node in the web society?

9. What drives you to continue your web projects?

10. If you're now making or planning to make a website, or if there's a web you'd like to make someday in the future, could you introduce a bit?

That’s all. Thank you for reading all my questions.

Please feel free to think about my suggestion.

Hope you stay safe and have a great day.