Coffee and Cigarettes(2006)
The Table(2017)

A website as a table: A table is a space. Two or more people can sit together at the table. Imagine when you meet new people. We open a door and get into some place and sit around a table. After a while, the introduction will take place, and after the introduction, the conversation can have the potential to move towards in many different directions.

Let's take a look at the following two movies. The movie <The Table> and <Coffee and Cigarettes>, which consist of 4 and 11 conversations, respectively. Some conversations are annoying, some are lovely, some are meaningless, some are interesting, some are awkward. But the important thing is the fact that they had conversations. And there is a table there as a medium of conversation, as a background, as a condition.

This website you're looking at now can also be a table. We can introduce ourselves, share interesting stories, and even have satisfying refreshments, and also make a plan for another chat if you want. The conversation here may end with a short meeting of the day or a lifelong relationship. Anyway, it's enough if you enjoy this moment.

A website can be anything, but as a 'pretty enjoyable' metaphor, a website can be a table. If you're sitting alone at a table, you'll usually read a book, work on your MacBook, or watch people passing by through window, but if there's another person, the conversation can start. In that sense, shall we sit here?